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Grace has been sent back by Kiwis 3 times

Why would anybody reject the child they promised to sponsor?

Grace won't get a birthday card this year

28 September should be a happy day for Grace. She turns 7…but unlike the 17,033 children sponsored by Kiwis through ChildFund, Grace will have no Kiwi friend to send her a birthday card. Grace has been waiting for a child sponsor since 2011.

Right now there are 189 children who have been ‘sent back’ by people who said they wanted to be Child Sponsors. Many of these children feel they weren’t wanted and even question if they did something wrong because their sponsor decided to stop sponsoring them.

Will you be a Birthday Buddy to a child who feels rejected? Your donation can provide ‘Keep Safe’ care for a child who has been sent back. That means simple help with food, clean water and basic health care.

Together we can make these children who are sent back feel special until the wonderful day we can celebrate with them that they have a Child Sponsor.

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12 year old Denis has been sent back by Kiwi sponsors 6 times.

Mercy is 7 years old and has been sent back 3 times.

Eve will turn 11 in December. She has been sent back by Kiwi sponsors 3 times.

Facts about children who are sent back

Fact 1: When someone decides to sponsor a child, ChildFund works hard to match them with a needy child.

Fact 2: Despite this, each year more than 1,800 children are ‘sent back’ by their would-be Kiwi sponsor.

Fact 3: Tragically, some children are sent back again and again, and may miss out on the complete care and support of a child sponsor. The children can’t help but feel they are rejected.

How many children will you help?

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